Castle Ehrenburg

Ehrenburg Castle -
the residence of the dukes
Group prices: Euro 105.00 (up to 25 persons) + admission to Ehrenburg
approx. 3 hours (city tour and castle tour)
Ehrenburg * City residence
* Castle Church
* Hall of Giants

Immerse yourself in the world of European nobility: Ehrenburg Castle (built in 1543 as the city residence of the Coburg dukes) was once considered to be one of the most important works of Renaissance construction north of the Alps.

After a major fire, it was redesigned into a Baroque residence in 1690 under Duke Albrecht. Its splendor is still witnessed today by the Castle Church and the Hall of Giants with 28 mighty figures of Atlas.
In the 19th century, Ehrenburg Castle was given its current neo-Gothic façade and its French "Empire Style" furnished halls, rooms and chambers.

Ehrenburg innenExplore the apartment of Duke Ernst I or the personal bedroom of Queen Victoria with one of the first 'water closets' on the European continent.  Two valuable picture galleries, including works from Lucas Cronach the Elder, support the impressive ambience of the living style of this epoch.
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