Narrow-gauge railway

A trip with the Bimmelbahn-
it couldn't be more comfortable
Price for the entire train:
Euro 300.00 (city tour approx. 2 hours)
Euro 485.00 (half-day tour, 4-5 hours)
Euro 910.00 (full-day tour approx. 8 hours) including tour guides)
Bimmelbahn * microphone and loudspeaker system
* room for 40 persons
* or for 39 persons and 2 people in wheelchairs

With our quaint little train, the Bimmelbahn, you can explore Coburg and the surrounding area in a relaxed way.

Bimmelbahn2Relax during a city tour past the Ernst-Alexandrinen Volksbad (public baths) and the Holy Cross Church (construction started in 1401) up to the former moated castle at Rittersteich. Afterward, we will show you the impressive grounds of the Coburg Fortress. And, if you want to see even more:
You can also book the train for half-day and full-day tours! Travel, for example, to Sesslach and see the unique medieval ensemble of the old town, or discover the charm or Rosenau Castle in an outdoor tour - the choice is up to you. And, if you would like to have a snack or coffee and cake, then we will also take care of that for you!

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