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Collections of the Ducal Art Treasures of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha (SCG)

Callenberg The SCG has existed since the renovation of Callenberg Castle in 1998. It preserves precious works of the former residents. You can admire the portraits of the dukes and their families just like paging through a private photo album and follow the development of the charming children up to ducal representatives room by room. In the meantime, relatives of the most recent generation, Prince Andreas of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha and his three children have taken their befitting places in the ancestral portrait gallery. Besides the paintings, the castle has a number of handcrafted items like the marble bust of Prince Albert and precious furniture from the famous manufacturer David Roentgen (1743 to 1807). The most viewed treasures of the art collection include the "Ernestian welcome goblet" - a drinking goblet made of four bowls stacked on top of each other that was made by Wenzel Jamnitzer, the most significant goldsmith of German mannerism, in Nuremburg around 1540.
Of course, you can also find a selection of historical weapons that have been collected for up to four centuries.

German Rifle Museum

In the west wing of Callenberg Castle, there is the German Rifle Museum. The sponsor of this facility, which was opened in 2004, is the German Shooting Federation (DSB). With 1.6 million members, it is the fourth-largest association within the German Sport Federation. The fact that the museum is in Coburg is not a coincidence, because the German Shooting Federation was founded in 1861 by Duke Ernst II. The museum presents the history of shooting, which is as old as humanity itself. Man had hardly learned to walk upright when he wanted weapons with which he could bag his prey. The oldest exhibits of the museum date back to the Stone Age. Many weapons have also been preserved from antiquity and the Middle Ages. The "Coburg Room" with its exhibits from the more than 650 year old Schützengesellschaft (Shooting Club) is one of the museum's highlights. A series of shooting portraits guides the visitor through several stations from the Baroque era up to the 19th century. The German Shooting Federation (DSB) brought home two gold and one silver medals from the Summer Olympics in 2004. And also in other major competitions, the DSB athletes always reliably hit the mark. For this reason, there is a special exhibition dedicated to the sport of shooting and it even displays real medals. In order for visitor to get a feeling for what the athletes have accomplished, they are given the opportunity to shoot at electronic targets. This activity is indeed quite harmless, but there is still a certain "risk" for beginners. You might suddenly discover that you are thrilled by the fascinating sport of shooting.


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