Führungen - Kunstexponate Art exhibits of inestimable value

Coburg Fortress: The Franconian Crown
Ancestral seat of the dukes of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha

More information on  Tour 3

Führungen - AufstiegThe rise to a royal court

History up close: In this tour, we will tell you everything about the backgrounds of the dukedom and the Coburg dynasty:

More information our Tour 12

Führungen - Martin LutherIn the footsteps of Martin Luther

The historical sites of his work will be shown as well as valuable paintings, documents, prints, portraits, tapestries, graphics, glasses and the "Luther Room".

More information on  Tour 6

Führungen - Bimmelbahn Bimmelbahn - it couldn't be more comfortable

Relax during a city tour past the Ernst-Alexandrinen Volksbad (public baths) and the Holy Cross Church up to the former moated castle at Rittersteich. Afterward, we will show you the impressive grounds of the Coburg Fortress.
More information on Tour 8

AudioguideIndividual guides using the audio guide:

An audio guide in German and English is available for children in the form of a "ghostly tour".

More information at www.kunstsammlungen-coburg.de

VideoguideVideo guide in sign language for the deaf / Audio guide help for the hard of hearing:

A museum guide in German sign language will be provided for the deaf that can be used with the usual audio guide devices in PDA technology (Personal Digital Assistant) in the art collections.

The hard of hearing can listen to the museum's audio guide directly through their hearing aids by using an add-on device with an induction loop that is connected directly to the audio guide device.
More information at www.kunstsammlungen-coburg.de


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