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KunstsammlungenRare Kunstkammer works, instruments, furniture, tapestries, ceramics, porcelain, and faience compliment the collections of handicrafts. Especially worth mentioning is the front cover of the Gandersheimer Evangeliar, a manuscript from the 9th century, carved from ivory. The extensive Coburg weapons collection includes courtly Gothic plate, tournament armor and weapons made by mainly known armorers, gunsmiths, and blade makers. The armory contains weapons from the 16th and 17th century, some of which come from the Fortress's arsenal including armor, morions, daggers, flintlocks, and hook guns as well as rare preserved equipment for sieges and defense such as fall grenades, pitch wreaths, and lime pots.

The hunting weapons, from the crossbow to high-power rifles, give an outstanding overview from the Renaissance up to the 20th century. Waidbesteck knives, hunting toiles, and canvas dog armor complete the subject matter of hunting. The carriages and sleds also deserve particular attention. Besides two richly gilded bridal carriages from the 16th century, the world's oldest functioning carriages as far as is known, and other magnificent vehicles, the tournament sleds from the 17th century are indeed a rarity.


Cabinet of Copper Engravings

KupferstichkabinettWith more than 220,000 sheets, the Coburg copper engravings cabinet is among the most important graphical collections in the world. Drawings, graphic sheets and books from almost all eras, countries, schools and techniques are kept in the storerooms.  A selection of these delicate treasures are presented to the interested public in changing exhibitions. Among the old German paintings from the most important schools of Upper Germany, mainly from the Georg Schäfer collection, there are works from Lucas Cranach, Albrecht Dürer, Grünewald and Hans Holbein the Elder. Among the sculptures, a "Mary with Child" in a golden robe from Bamberg from the 14th century and the mystical, painful "Pietà" from Thuringia stand out in particular.

Marquetry Hunting Room


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