Fortress - Herzogsweg - Ketschendorf

AktivStarting at Marktplatz, you can walk up to the fortress through the Court Garden (Hofgarten) in approx. 25 minutes. The Herzogsweg turns away on the way to Brandensteinsebene (by the forester's house) (Marking: yellow "C" on a white background). Follow this path first of all in an easterly direction along the edge of the Probstgrund and then up again to Brandensteinsebene; After a good 1.5 km and a short decent via a stairway, you will cross the road in Pilgramsroth (Bus stop, bus line 5). It goes to the left at the bus stop. You will reach a valley through a narrow pass where Seidmannsdorf is on the right side. Walk down into the valley and cross the road to Löbelstein after the cemetery. Then you will reach Lützelbuch after approx. 1.5 km. You will pass the multipurpose hall and then turn right in "Gaiser Strasse". From there, you go to Hauptstrasse (town centre, bus stop line 7). Across from the "Nowag" inn, the hiking trail continues up into the meadows. Keep right after the last house. Now, head towards the pined area along a land clearance pathway. After approximately 500m, turn left and go around "Kienberg". The path leads down a valley floor and you cross the road connecting Seidmannsdorf and Rohrbach. Then go left and immediately right and soon you will be standing in front of the "Gruber Berg".   Follow the land clearance pathway uphill until "Buchberg". If you keep right, you will meet the road from Seidmannsdorf to Grub am Forst after a few hundred meters.

Before the road disappears into the forest, you have to go left on a narrow path between a field and the forest in a westward direction. The ascent ends below the "Gruber Steins". A wide field path then takes you into the forest and down to the sports field at Buchberg. There, you leave the Coburg loop trail and go straight ahead until the Ketschendorf district.  You reach Ketschendorf Castle via Buchbergstrasse and Parkstrasse. Today it is the youth hostel of the City of Coburg. Then, follow Ketschendorfer Strasse to the right, past the Coburg Clinic, Rosengarten, and the Congress House. You will then arrive back in Marktplatz, which was right where you started.


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