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This is a representative square with the Duke Ernst 1 monument surrounded by Ehrenburg Castel, Marstall riding arena (studio stage of the State Theatre), arcades with the ascent into the Court Garden and Edinburgh Palace, as well as the head office of the Coburg Chamber of Commerce. It is an impressive square with its inviting, cosy seating arrangements.

Coburg Court Garden (Hofgarten)

HofgartenThe ascent to the fortress leads you through the Court Garden, starting at Ehrenburg. The spacious landscaped park is directly connected to the Coburg city centre. The court garden was built during the reign of Duke Albrecht of Saxony-Coburg, and dates back to the Baroque era. The Court Garden was created in its current size as of 1861. The duke supervised the garden personally. Rare trees from around the world were planted, fostered and nourished here. At the beginning of the 19th century, the heart of the unique park facility could only be accessed by members of the court. Today all citizens can use the Court Garden. With its ancient trees and expansive meadows, the Court Garden has always been the green heart of Coburg.

Josiasgarten (Josiah's Garden)

Josiasgarten The Josiah Garden at the freshly renovated Theaterplatz in the middle of Coburg is named after Prince Friedrich Josiah from Saxony-Coburg-Saalfeld, whose statue is enthroned at the square (therefore, the locals also call it Josiah's Square).  The brave general protected Coburg against plundering in the Napoleonic Wars.  Gerd Reichenbecher opened the beer garden in 1992 initially on a trial basis. The Coburg citizens were so thrilled right from the start that Josiah's Garden advanced to become the most popular outdoor meeting place in the city.


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