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State Theatre

LandestheaterFormer court theatre (550 seats),
dedicated on September 17, 1840, year-round program with its own company - opera, operetta, musicals, plays, concerts, ballet, late night and breakfast shows, children's and youth theatre.
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Marktplatz - Coburg Tradition and modernity meet in Coburg and the surrounding area. Coburg's Marktplatz (marketplace) in the heart of the old town is vivid evidence of this. The main features of it and the surrounding buildings have remained unchanged for centuries. And yet the traditional meeting place for young and old embodies the modern interpretation of urban development  with its inviting gastronomy, impressive lighting, contemporary sculptures and lively trick fountains.
If you are thinking of shopping, then you will get whatever your heart desires in Coburg. Take some time and enjoy relaxed shopping in the old town. Large department store chains can be found here as well as medieval retailers. Together, they give the city its unmistakable charm. The Coburg weekly market is a special attraction for tourists and locals. Even if you don't want to buy any fruit or vegetables, a stroll through the colorful market is "mandatory".

Coburg Fortress


The Coburg fortress, which is also called the "Franconian Crown" because of its beauty and dominating location, rises high above the city with its mighty walls and towers. Covering approximately 135 x 260 meters, it is one of the largest and best preserved castle complexes in Germany. More Informationen


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