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Gentleman's House

In mid October 2001, the Coburg Castle and Garden Administration moved into the cottage. It uses the ground floor for offices and storage rooms are on the first floor. It is quite certain that is was used as accommodation for guests of the ducal family. Apparently, even Queen Victoria spent the night here. Most likely, the visitors included some gentlemen, which would explain the name of the cottage. However, it is certain that Duke Alfred died here in the summer of 1900. Ownership of the gentleman's house passed to the Coburger Landesstiftung with the State Treaty in 1920. Thirty years ago, the Bavarian Castle Administration took over the Rosenau castle complex including the gentleman's house. It was rented for many years, but has been empty since the mid nineties.  However, there is not much left of the romantic, dreamy charm of the cottage after the first renovation in the 1950s.  Cement plaster covered the brick façade, the artistic sandstone decorations on the roof, gables, windows and oriels disappeared for the most part.  And so, it was rumored that the Bavarian Ministry of Finance as the senior employer of the Castle Administration voted at the end of the nineties whether the cottage should be completely demolished.


Earlier, the wildest parties used to be celebrated in this house to which people from the surrounding neighborhoods were invited. Queen Victoria herself had it redesigned into a teahouse.  Today, the teahouse is the park restaurant.


Gardener's House

The gardener's house is located to the southwest, between the teahouse and the orangery.  It crowns a hill and was kept in the open-timbered style of the 16th century.

Reitverein Rosenau

Rosenau Riding Club

The Coburg Rödental Riding Association has indoor and outdoor riding arenas and horse rentals in the traditional Rosenau Riding School. Riding lessons can also be booked here on request.


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