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At that time Coburg was situated on the southern border of the Electorate of Saxony whose centre was Wittenberg. Accompanied by a vast attendance, Elector Johann the Steadfast went to Augsburg to advocate the Protestant Reformation at the Diet of Augsburg. For almost six month he left Martin Luther at Coburg where he was in a safe place because it was situated within the territory of the Electorate of Saxony.

Lutherbüste He went by foot up the fortress hill and wrote down his first impression in these words: “It is an extremely charming location that is well suited for studying.” Here, he wrote numerous confession and polemic manuscripts and dedicated himself to his translation work. His literary work in Coburg was extremely extensive. He wrote more than 120 letters in 172 days to his friends in Augsburg as well as to his family in Wittenberg. Imaginative instantiations of his place of residence can be found in his writings: “From the empire of the birds” from the “castle that is full of the devil”, “solitude” – the squawking jackdaws bothered him and much more.

Many well-known documents came into being here like the “Sendbrief vom Dolmetschen”, articles on the standardization of the written German language, part of which is still valid to this day.


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