Luther's living quarters and workshops are preserved and can be seen at Coburg Fortress. Coburg houses an extensive number of writings as well as visible traces and memorials of the reformer. The art collections of Coburg Fortress hold valuable evidence of his time in Coburg. There are approximately 700 contemporary Luther editions from the 16th century that can be viewed. Ehrenburg Castle and the Moritz Church witness of his stay and are also part of the most significant Luther memorial sites in Germany.

Luther Room

During the Augsburg Parliament in 1530, the church reformer Martin Luther found safe place of refuge in Coburg. Today's Luther room served him as living quarters and an office during his six-month stay.

Luther Chapel

In memory of Luther's stay in the year 1530, the chapel at the Duke's building (Fürstenbau) was named the Luther Chapel. A stone relief in the castle courtyard with the head of Luther is a reminder of his stay. The walls of the chapel date back to different centuries.  The impressive height of the narrow chapel is due to the fact that it lies on the site of the Romanesque double chapel with two rooms on top of each other.

St. Moritz Church

Balthasar Düring met the reformer Martin Luther in April 1518 and followed him to Wittenberg. There, he made friends with Philipp Melanchthon.  Upon his recommendation, Düring took a position as vicar at the St. Moritz Church in Coburg on February 6, 1520. The most famous preacher at the Moritz Church was Martin Luther himself, who lived at the Coburg Fortress for almost half a year in 1530 and gave many sermons in the week of Easter. More Infomation


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