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Commemorative Plaque

A commemorative plaque honoring Martin Luther is displayed at the side entrance of the stone barracks.

Life-Size Painting

Luther - CranachCoburg Fortress shows the life-size picture of Luther by Lucas Cranach the Younger (signed and dated 1575). The Luther portrait that was painted in 1540 comes from the workshop of Lucas Cranach the Elder. Luther is holding a book in his hands, a reference to the high value of the words in the protestant faith and to the importance of the bible to Luther's personal life's work.

Bust in the Moritz Church

The bust of the reformer Martin Luther can be seen in Coburg's oldest house of God, a work by the Saxon sculpture Ernst Rietschel.

Luther's Letters


The Coburg State Archive keeps original Luther letters. To identify the location in his writings, Luther used instantiations like "From the empire of the birds", because the squawking jackdaws and crows bothered him. In spite of great concern and hardships, because Luther was being persecuted by the Pope, he worked with great zeal. During his 172 days of residency in Coburg, he wrote 120 letters. Mounted messengers left the fortress almost daily to Wittenberg or Augsburg. Luther's literary work in Coburg was extremely extensive. Here, he also worked on the translation of parts of the bible. The Coburg Psalter (Psalm 1 - 25) was written here.

Hedwig Glass

hedwigsglas The most important Lutheran items in the Coburg Fortress art collections are specially marked. The famous Hedwig glass can be seen there. It was a gift to Luther from elector Johann Friedrich. The Hedwig glass, an almost flawlessly preserved high relief glass from a group of like glasses, was most likely made in the Middle East in the 12th century. It is one of the most precious exhibits of the art collection. There is evidence that the glass was owned by Martin Luther as of 1541.


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