Tambach Summer

Tambacher Sommer
The Tambach Summer attracts the most varied people because you can enjoy the most varied styles of music. It ranges from pop to soul and from world music to jazz. It doesn't matter what kind of music you prefer, at the Tambach Summer almost everyone gets what they want.
Tambacher SommerOften international artists come to thrill the people with their music.

The atmosphere at the Tambach Summer is really breathtaking. In the romantic courtyard of Tambach Castle, a stage is set up where you can applaud and cheer a different artist every evening under the stars.

However, there is more than just music to thrill you. At the Tambach Summer, the fine arts are also represented. Renowned artists from the region exhibit their sculptures and figures so that we can admire them.

Hence, the Tambach Summer is an event for all tastes.

So far, among others, there have been ABBA Mammia, Classic meets Cuba, Hans Söllner, Blackmore's Night, Manfred Mann's Earthband, Festus Fallacia, Stage TV with Special Guest VIVA VOCE, Appassionante, Giora Feidmann Trio, Haindling, The Sweet, Willy Astor, Gerhard Polt, EAV and BossHoss.


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