Towers, churches, crypts

Towers, Churches, Crypts
Group prices: Euro 80.00 (up to 25 persons)
Tour: approx. 2 hours

* St. Moriz Church
* St. Nikolaus Chapel
* Salvator Church
* St. Augustine Church

Through the Rose Garden, past the Palm House and the Flood Fountain: Discover remarkable things about Coburg's churches and the historic developments before and after the time of the reformation.

St NikolausWe will show you the St. Nikolaus Chapel (1473), originally the house of worship of the Coburg infirmary, the Salvator Church (1662), erected using stone from a castle destroyed during the Thirty Years War, the  main protestant church, St. Moriz, (1540), which has a spire that can be reached via 184 steps with an impressive view over the city, the adjoining Excavation Museum with the remains of the old Provosts Chapel, the Catholic parish church of OrgelSt. Augustine (1860) with a lower church and crypt, where Tsar Ferdinand of Bulgaria, a Catholic member of the Coburg ducal family is laid to rest, and the Church of the Holy Cross (15th century).


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