Group Excursions

A Tailor-Made Program

Unique right from the start! A little fortification, and then off you go!
When the group meets at Marktplatz in Coburg - depending on how appetites are developing - the unofficial program could begin with hearty Coburg grilled bratwurst.  They are grilled on pine cones and are almost like symbol of the cityscape.
StadthausA city tour to start with
And then it's off on a two-hour tour of discovery through the city. An experienced tour guide will show you the most important beauties of the city, but will also direct your attention to many hidden gems. Among other things, you will get to know:

* the historic City Hall and the history of its bizarre gable residents
* the Stadthaus whose covered aisle once served as a bowling alley
* the monument to Prince Albert, the famous Coburger who was married to Britain's Queen Victoria
* the mint masters house from the 14th century that is one of the oldest half-timbered buildings in Germany

And then it continues

The tour reaches:

* the venerable Moriz Church with its two towers of different heights
* Ehrenburg, the splendid Coburg city castle
* the impressive Schlossplatz
* and then we return to Marktplatz via Herrngasse (to the right is 'Cucumber Alex').

Your group tour through the Coburg inner city could like just like that.

Marktplatz Afterwards, many culinary delicacies
You will have a bite in one of our good restaurants for lunch. On Sundays, the best thing is to order a roast with tasty Coburg dumplings. But on workdays as well, there are many places that will spoil you with first-class cooking.


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