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It's great if you have a choice! Coburg offers you numerous ways to spend the afternoon entirely at your own pace. Here are a few examples.
Queen Victoria Lived Here
Queen Victoria Britain's Queen Victoria has her own rooms in Ehrenburg Castle. They were quite the rooms! Take a look into the bed-chambers of the ruler and marvel there at the first toilet with flushing water on the European continent.  Leopold I, a true Coburger who found his place in the history books as the first king of the Belgians, also lived here in the castle. And, the waltz king Johann Strauss was married in the Castle Chapel in 1887.

In Luther's Footsteps
Lutherzimmer The Fortress, or the "Franconian Crown" as it is respectfully called, rises majestically above the city and region. The reformer lived and worked in the Luther room for half a year.  The art collections (e.g. glass, weapons, carriages and sleds) enjoy international recognition. And, works by old German masters like Albrecht Dürer and Lucas Cranach are represented here.

The Dukes Lived Here
Schloss Callenberg Callenberg Castle, the summer residence of the Coburg dukes, houses the German Rifle Museum, which was founded in 1861 by Coburg's Duke Ernst II, as well as numerous valuable pieces of furniture and exhibits.

Largest Doll Museum in Europe
Puppenmuseum In the Coburg Doll Museum, members of your group will be thrilled by the timeless grandeur of these charming creations. Most dolls date back to the time between 1810 and 1950. Artistic dolls (e.g. from Carin Lossnitzer) as well as doll houses and many other indispensable requisites of past children's rooms reawaken old memories.

Other Sights
And what else is there?

* the Natural History Museum in the Court Garden with its different thematic focuses such as minerals, fossils, South Pacific and the ice age, for example;
* the SeaStar Aquarium in which your group can take part in anti-fear-of-sharks training;
* the craftsmen court at the Ernstfarm where you will get to know many different crafts "from the inside out" during the tour and will be able to make a keepsake out of clay, glass or metal by yourself.



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