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St. Moriz Rectory
Pfarrgasse 7
96450 Coburg
Hours of operation:
Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sunday after worship services up to 6pm (in the winter, only open until dusk)
Services Sundays at 10am - children's service at the same time in the parish hall; Stations of the Cross service Wednesdays at 8:30pm on all uneven days.
Internet: www.morizkirche-coburg.de
Kirche St. MoritzSt. Moriz City Church
The Moriz Church, which is owned by the City of Coburg, is the main church of the protestant inner city parish of St. Moriz.

The history of the construction of the present Moriz Church goes back to the 14th century.
The oldest part is the self-contained east choir. Even in the 12th century, there was a predecessor building of the Moriz Church right in the middle of the spiritual district surrounded by a cemetery and provost residences.
In the choir - above the burial place of members of the ducal family - is the alabaster epitaph of Duke Johann Friedrich the Middle, a work by the sculptor Nikolaus Bergner from Pößneck (1598).

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Catholic Parish Church St. Augustine
Festungsstrasse 2
96450 Coburg
Hours of operation:
Tours outside of the worship services are usually Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat+Sun after services until 6pm.
Information: Tel. +49 9561 883531
Internet: www.st-augustin-coburg.de
Short information:
Catholic parish church, completed in 1860 in neo-Gothic style.
Kohary crypt: 15 members of the Catholic branch of the Coburg ducal family have been laid to rest here including Tsar Ferdinand of Bulgaria; a key can be obtained in the parish office, Mon-Fri 8am-17pm or by prior arrangement by telephone.
Church of the Holy Cross
Hours of operation:
Tours outside of the worship services Mon-Sat 9am-4pm.
Information: Tel +49 9561 55410
Short information:
Erected originally in a Gothic style in the 15th century; Baroque interior design of the church in the 18th century; Renaissance baptismal font made of alabaster (1569); stucco ceiling and organ gallery from the 18th century.
St. Nikolas Chapel
Hours of operation:
Only opened during worship services and concerts.
Short information:
Built in 1473, medieval frescos; original house of worship of the Coburg Siech family; important center for Jewish citizens of the city as of 1873. Church of the Old Catholics since 1967.


Herrngasse 4 • 96450 Coburg

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Hours of operation:
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