Johann Strauss

Johannes Strauß
The famous composer Johann Strauss (son) is a citizen of the fortress city. Johann Strauss, to whom we owe concert waltzes such as "Stories from the Viennese Forest" and "At the beautiful blue Danube" as well as great operettas like "Die Fledermaus (The Bat)" and "The Gypsy Baron", was in Coburg for the first time in 1886 and was a citizen of Coburg for 13 years.
Johannes StraußJohann Strauss was born in Vienna on October 25, 1825, which is also where he died on June 3, 1899. He felt at home not only in Vienna, but in Coburg as well. Johann Strauss is considered to be Viennese, but he was a Coburger as well. Was Johann Strauss a heartbreaker? In any case, a complicated affair of the heart brought him to Coburg. It was a love that couldn't be legalized in marriage in Austria.  In 1862, Johann Strauss married the opera singer Jetty Treffz. The marriage lasted 16 years until Jetty's death. Later, the widower married the actress Angelika Dittrich.  The marriage collapsed after just a short time. A divorce in the conservative Catholic monarchy was not possible.
That, however, was his wish, because in the meantime he had met Adele Strauss, whose maiden name was Deutsch. The fact that she had the same family name as the composer was just a coincidence. There was no wedding in Vienna, but there would be one in Coburg. This resulted in a difficult situation for Johann Strauss as legitimation of the relationship to Adele Strauss was out of the question.

The dukedom of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha turned out to be more liberal than conservative Austria. The Coburg lords were disposed to granting divorces under certain conditions. Duke Ernst II approved the request. He was known for his bond with music and art. The marriage took place in the summer of 1887. The way to Coburg was paved including denaturalization in Austria, naturalization in Coburg, and the marriage to Adele Strauss. In May 1886, the waltz king visited the Upper Franconian city. Weeks later he was a citizen of the dukedom of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha. Duke Ernst II dissolved the marriage between Johann Strauss and Angelika Dittrich. On August 15, 1887, the wedding carriage rolled to the ducal Hofkirche (Court Church) of Ehrenburg with great empathy by the Coburg population. This was followed by twelve happy years. Interesting facts:

The father of the waltz king, Johann Baptist Strauss (1804 - 1849), was a well-known composer. To differentiate the two, the designations of Johann Strauss (father) and Johann Strauss (son) have become established.
A commemorative plaque had been placed in Coburg's Rose Garden in memory of the famous citizen.
Strauss composed the majority of his operetta "Simplicius" in Coburg.

Popular Strauss operettas (year of debut performance): Carnival in Rome (1873), The Bat (1873), Indigo and the Forty Thieves (1874), Cagliostro (1875), The Gypsy Baron (1885), The Goddess of Reason (1897).
He dedicated a total of 17 pieces to the Coburg ducal family.


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