Martin Luther

Martin Luther
Martin Luther at the Coburg Fortress
The reformer, Martin Luther, lived in Coburg in 1530. Luther's living quarters and work places have been preserved and can be seen at Coburg Fortress.
Martin LutherThe fortress served as a safe refuge for the reformer, who was banned by the church and under imperial ban, for almost six months from April 24th to October 4th, 1530 during the Augsburg Parliament.
The fact that Coburg played a major role as Luther's residence was not a coincidence. He was a guest in Coburg because the Coburg dukes were known for tolerance and openness.

Imaginative instantiations of his place of residence can be found in his writings: "From the empire of the birds"; the "castle that is full of the devil", "solitude" - the squawking jackdaws bothered him and much more. He wrote more than 120 letters in 172 days to his friends in Augsburg as well as to his family in Wittenberg. Mounted messengers brought his letters from the fortress to Augsburg and Wittenberg in two to three days. He wrote confession and polemic manuscripts and dedicated himself to his translation work; his literary activities and creativity in Coburg were extremely extensive. Many well-known documents came into being here like the "Sendbrief vom Dolmetschen", a foundation of the German language that is still valid to this day.

Martin Luther became sick shortly after his arrival in Coburg. He didn't eat well and had all kinds of complaints, dizziness, tinnitus, and he was plagued by headaches in particular, which he attributed to the poor quality of the wine made here. However, he also liked to drink beer. Sometimes he had to stay in bed for days at a time.

Coburg houses an extensive number of writings as well as visible traces and memorials of the reformer. The art collections of Coburg Fortress hold valuable evidence of his time in Coburg and the Coburg Regional Library has approx. 700 contemporary Luther editions from the 16th century that can be viewed. Ehrenburg and the Moriz Church witness of his stay and are certainly the most important Luther memorial sites in Germany.

In addition, numerous historians and authors have tackled the topic of "Luther in Coburg", such as the brochure entitled "The Reformer Martin Luther in Coburg", for example, which can be obtained from the Tourist Information.


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