Friedrich Rückert

Friedrich Rückert
Poet and orientalist born on May 16, 1788 in Schweinfurt - died on January 31, 1866 in Coburg. Friedrich Rückert lived and worked in Coburg for 6 years from 1820 to 1826. In the year 1848 he returned to Coburg where he spent his old age in the estate in the Coburg district of Neuses until his death in 1866.
Friedrich RückertFrom 1819 to 1826, Rückert lived as a private scholar in Ebern and Coburg.

In that time he worked on translating parts of the Koran among other things. He married Luise Wiethaus-Fischer from Coburg. Rückert accepted an appointment as a professor of Oriental languages and literature at the University of Erlangen and dedicated himself to the Oriental languages. In 1841, he was called to a similar position in Berlin. After 7 years he came back to Coburg to his estate in Neuses.

Friedrich Rückert was said to have mastered 50 languages. Many of his poems were set to music by composers like Brahms, Liszt, Schubert and R. Strauss. His Songs on the Death of Children are well known in which he laments the death of his two children (1833/34). He wrote an impressive 400 to 500 of them.
Rückert wrote many thousand poems, an unbelievably extensive work of wonderful, crazy, moving, and also lost poems of German literature.

Is Rückert a forgotten poet? Not here in Coburg! The home in Neuses, the Friedrich Rückert memorial site with the intact study and poetry room in the park at Coburg Neuses, remind us of him. A monument was erected after his death in 1869. The poet's grave can be found in the old cemetery behind the church.

The Friedrich Rückert hiking trail runs from Schweinfurt to Hassberge and on to Coburg. It passes by memorial sites up to Goldberg and then continues to his beloved Goldberg cottage, Friedrich Rückert's favorite place where he found his "golden peace" for his extensive work.


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