Albert of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha

Albert of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha
The Prince Albert monument at Marktplatz reminds us of this famous personality in the history of the city. Duke of Saxony, called "Albert" (born on August 26, 1819 at Rosenau Castle, died on September 14, 1861 at Windsor Castle in England), was the husband of Victoria I and the British prince consort since 1857.
VictoriaPrince Albert had a very religious upbringing. He undertook many educational journeys, also to the court of King Leopold I of Belgium, where he frequently spent time.

He studied composition, voice and organ in Italy and humanities at the University of Bonn.  In December 1839 he became engaged to his cousin Victoria. The third Coburg-British marriage took place in London in February 1840: Prince Albert of Saxony-Coburg, brother of Coburg's Duke Ernst II and also the nephew of Leopold I, king of the Belgians, married his cousin Queen Victoria of Great Britain, the child of the marriage of Duke Eduard of Kent to Coburg's Princess Victoria, who also came from Coburg ducal family.

AlbertPrince Albert had nine children with Victoria.
Albert studied British law and constitutional law; he was the Queen's advisor and had many social duties. In 1851, he organized the first Great Exhibition in London. In 1847, he was appointed Chancellor of the University of Cambridge.

Historians call him a champion of Western European legal and constitutional thought. With devotion, he dedicated himself to composition, agriculture and garden architecture. Prince Albert died at the age of only 42. He left Victoria shaken and she wrote the following about him: His gallantry was too great, his ambition too high for this world.


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