Bratwurstmännle & Bratwurst Size
Bratwurst goes along with the belief that a proper Coburg bratwurst must be as long as the marshal's baton of the "Bratwurstmännle" (little bratwurst man).
Earlier, 35-40 cm was stipulated: the so-called "calibrated bratwurst gauge" has been in the hand of the patron saint of the city, St. Mauritius, since the 17th century.
BratwurstmännlaIn 1939, the statue of the saint fell from its pedestal onto Marktplatz during a storm and was heavily damaged. It was restored and quickly replaced on the city hall.

The exact size was never really known until 1982 when the fire department determined the length. So now a bratwurst in Coburg has to be exactly 31 cm long when raw according to the "marshal's baton". However, the glowing pine cones sizzle the bratwurst sometimes shorter and sometimes longer. A Coburg bratwurst eater will complain if his bratwurst seems to be too short!
However, every centimeter tastes delicious.

The Wunderstrick of Ahorn
An old witch used to live in the village of Ahorn by Coburg. She was feeling very sullen one day and released a terrible storm out of the pit of her displeasure. It raged powerfully, rattled the houses, ripped out trees and blew the tower of the church quite crooked.  This provoked the mockery of the neighbors and the poor residents didn't know what to do.

A shepherd was found who promised to remedy the evil. He took a strong rope, fastened it to a pine tree that stood at the edge of the hill not far from the tower.  Using the rope and a hook he had driven into the tree, he pulled the tower straight again while constantly chanting magic verses. The rope can still be seen on the church grounds of the village.

Source: Once upon a time: Sayings and Stories from Wettig in Upper Franconia, by August Wippenbeck
Publisher - Neue Presse GmbH

Bears in the Ballroom

In the knights' hall of Coburg Fortress, there once was a large feast. The lord of the castle and his guests sat around an abundantly covered table. All at once, there was terrible growling outside in the hallway, and two large bears pushed their way into the hall much to the shock of the guests. Everyone tried to get to safety. One hid under the table, another behind the cabinet, and others looked for weapons and one even climbed up on the stove.

Only one noble lady showed courage and quick-wittedness.  She picked up a plate with fruit and goodies and courageously gave it to the bears. They ducked into the delicious food. Then the keeper came with an iron rod and drove the two animals back into their cage.

Source: Once upon a time: Sayings and Stories from Upper Franconia
Bavaria Booklet No. 22, August Wippenbeck
Publisher - Neue Presse GmbH

Max the Congratulator
There were men in our home town who used to be well known because of their work and deeds. There were also strange characters who stood out because of their appearance and certain characteristics and who were also the talk of the town when they were alive.

This included Max the Congratulator. He was born in Coburg in a leap year on February 29, 1840. Therefore, one could only congratulate him on his birthday every four years.  This caused him to congratulate everyone else on all possible and impossible occasions. He was a small man…

A Wolf Hunt in Coburg's Marktplatz
An unusually large wolf was caught alive in one of the dens that was discovered in the dense forests behind Lauterburg.

Duke Casimir ware exhilarated when he saw the beast and called out: "Such and extraordinary catch should be honored in an extraordinary way!" He ordered an arena to be built at Marktplatz in order to hold a big wolf hunt…

Are you curious?
All types of old stories to make you smile and to amaze you can be found in the book 'Ernst Eckerlein, tells stories from the Coburg homeland (Coborger Blattla publishers) or Once upon a time: Sayings and Stories from Upper Franconia by August Wippenbeck (Publisher, Neue Presse GmbH Coburg).


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