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Rifle Museum

German Rifle Museum
Callenberg Castle
Callenberg 1
96450 Coburg - Stadtteil Beiersdorf
Hours of operation: : daily from 11am-5pm
Closed: Dec 24 and for special events
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Internet: www.schloss-callenberg.de
SchützenmuseumGerman Rifle Museum in Coburg
In the west wing of Callenberg Castle, there is the German Rifle Museum. The sponsor of this facility, which was opened in 2004, is the German Shooting Federation (DSB). With 1.6 million members, it is the fourth-largest association within the German Sport Federation.

The fact that the museum is in Coburg is not a coincidence, because the German Shooting Federation was founded in 1861 by Duke Ernst II.
The museum presents the history of shooting, which as old as mankind itself.

Schützenmuseum2The oldest exhibits of the museum date back to the Stone Age. Many weapons have also been preserved from antiquity and the Middle Ages.

The "Coburg Room" with its exhibits from the 650 year old Schützengesellschaft (Shooting Club) is one of the museum's highlights. A series of shooting portraits guides the visitor through several stations from the Baroque era up to the 19th century.

Try it yourself

In order for visitor to get a feeling for what the athletes have accomplished, they are given the opportunity to take a few shots at electronic targets. This activity is indeed quite harmless, but there is still a certain "risk" for beginners. You might suddenly discover that you are thrilled by the fascinating sport of shooting.


Herrngasse 4 • 96450 Coburg

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