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The Schönstadt Reservoir

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SchönstädtspeicherThe flood control reservoir - the Schönstadt Reservoir
The Schönstadt reservoir, is a favorite excursion destination that is quite easily reached by bicycle.  Visitors can plan for an extensive walk around the reservoir or in the immediate surroundings.

The entire family can find fun and relaxation on the grass along the shore, and at the lakeshore there is a popular restaurant. The Schönstadt flood control reservoir has a capacity of 7 million m3 and it is located 10km north of Coburg in the Itz valley, which is about 300m wide at that point. The state border with Thuringia runs along there where a part of the dam area and nearly the entire catchment area covers 127 km2.

High water in the Itz river region repeatedly results in flooding in the city areas of Coburg and in Itzgrund. The Itz flows through city neighborhoods of Coburg that have historically valuable buildings situated close to the riverbed. As protection against flood water, a flood control reservoir was built above the district of Schönstadt of the town of Rodental. The reservoir is capable of regulating the flow of flood water so that Coburg is protected from the Itz flooding to a great extent.


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