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TV 1904 Lützelbuch e.V.
Am Steinbruch 2
96450 Coburg
MarathonCoburg Marathon
The first designated marathon route in Germany
You can run 42.195 km in interesting surroundings and experience the region. The starting and finishing lines are at the Rolf-Forkel Hall in Lützelbuch.

Every runner, however, can choose his or her own starting point, because the clearly laid out signage "Coburg Marathon" will guide you safely through the course.

The route is also well suited for a bicycle tour and is athletic recreational fun for the entire family.

Our Coburg Marathon for running enthusiasts has a route that goes through all the city districts and past the most important sights so that you can have a sport and cultural program at the same time. The good thing about it is that at the end of your personal stretch, it is easy to calculate the kilometers that you have covered.

We can thank the House of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha for the official length of the route, historically speaking. During the Olympic Games in London in 1908, the route from Windsor Castle to the royal box in White City Stadium was exactly 42.195 km. A detailed map of the route can be obtained from the Tourist Information or at www.coburg-marathon.de.


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