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The permanent network of posts in the Coburg Court Garden was designed and realized by the Sport Office of the city in conjunction with the orienteering runners from TV Coburg-Neuses.
Orientierungslauf Coburg Orienteering Run

The Coburg Court Garden is one of the most beautiful park facilities in Bavaria. In the immediate vicinity of the city center, it invites you to take extended walks and to have a sporty natural experience, because the park hast a permanent marked-out course for the orienteering run.

The orienteering run, which originated in Scandinavia, challenges both your physical endurance as well as the keenness of your mind. You move through nature over hill and dale and experience sports as thrilling recreational fun. The difference to "normal" running is that the route to your destination is not predetermined.  You have to find it yourself. And that is exactly what makes the orienteering run such a thrill!

The task is to run to a previously defined number of posts in a specific order. The individual posts are defined by a non-participating "competition leader". He also determines the starting and finishing point of the course.
A suitable finishing point is a prominent location like the monument to Duke Ernst I at Schlossplatz in front of Ehrenburg.
For beginners or groups of children, we recommend keeping the number of posts that have to be reached quite small and to have all participants start at the same time. The advantage of this is that weaker athletes can "orient" themselves somewhat around the ones running ahead.
To make it work, all participants have to have their own maps. They can be obtained free of charge from Tourismus Coburg.


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