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Skateboarding and Inline Skating

Coburg: Skate Park in the district of Neuses at Rodacher Strasse has different mini-ramps and more for skateboarders and bikers; site at the city youth center at Rosenauer Strasse has a half-pipe and a mini-ramp.
Ebersdorf b. Coburg:
Skateboarding facility by the B 303 with a half-pipe, mini-pipe and curbs
Neustadt b. Coburg:
"Am Moos" Recreation Park
Skateboarding facility at Schafsteg
SkatenSkateboarding in Coburg and the surrounding area
In Coburg in Ketschendorfer Strasse, there is a skater hall where kickboards, inliners, rollerblades and skateboards are allowed. The site by the city youth center in Rosenauer Strasse has a half-pipe with a mini-ramp.

InlinerstreckeThe Itzgrund, ideal for inliners

Coburg and the surrounding area has more than 700 km of marked hiking trails and 250 km of cycling paths.
The slightly hilly countryside introduces diversity to your excursions and is a special experience. If you are looking for stretch that is straight as an arrow with no inclines, then Itzgrund is the right place. You can travel for kilometers to your heart's content on inline skates or bikes.


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