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Führungen - Kunstexponate Art exhibits of inestimable value

Coburg Fortress: The Franconian Crown
Ancestral seat of the dukes of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha

More information on  Tour 3

Führungen - AufstiegThe rise to a royal court

History up close: In this tour, we will tell you everything about the backgrounds of the dukedom and the Coburg dynasty:

More information our Tour 12

Führungen - Martin LutherIn the footsteps of Martin Luther

The historical sites of his work will be shown as well as valuable paintings, documents, prints, portraits, tapestries, graphics, glasses and the "Luther Room".

More information on  Tour 6

Führungen - Bimmelbahn Bimmelbahn - it couldn't be more comfortable

Relax during a city tour past the Ernst-Alexandrinen Volksbad (public baths) and the Holy Cross Church up to the former moated castle at Rittersteich. Afterward, we will show you the impressive grounds of the Coburg Fortress.
More information on Tour 8

AudioguideIndividual guides using the audio guide:

An audio guide in German and English is available for children in the form of a "ghostly tour".

More information at www.kunstsammlungen-coburg.de

VideoguideVideo guide in sign language for the deaf / Audio guide help for the hard of hearing:

A museum guide in German sign language will be provided for the deaf that can be used with the usual audio guide devices in PDA technology (Personal Digital Assistant) in the art collections.

The hard of hearing can listen to the museum's audio guide directly through their hearing aids by using an add-on device with an induction loop that is connected directly to the audio guide device.
More information at www.kunstsammlungen-coburg.de

Park Areas

Coburg Court Garden (Hofgarten)

HofgartenThe ascent to the fortress leads you through the Court Garden, starting at Ehrenburg. The spacious landscaped park is directly connected to the Coburg city centre. The court garden was built during the reign of Duke Albrecht of Saxony-Coburg, and dates back to the Baroque era. The Court Garden was created in its current size as of 1861. The duke supervised the garden personally. Rare trees from around the world were planted, fostered and nourished here. At the beginning of the 19th century, the heart of the unique park facility could only be accessed by members of the court. Today all citizens can use the Court Garden. With its ancient trees and expansive meadows, the Court Garden has always been the green heart of Coburg.


SchlossplatzThis is a representative square with the Duke Ernst 1 monument surrounded by Ehrenburg Castel, Marstall riding arena (studio stage of the State Theatre), arcades with the ascent into the Court Garden and Edinburgh Palace, as well as the head office of the Coburg Chamber of Commerce. It is an impressive square with its inviting, cozy seating arrangements.

Veilchental Fortress

Museums and Exhibitions

Art Collections

KunstsammlungenRare Kunstkammer works, instruments, furniture, tapestries, ceramics, porcelain, and faience compliment the collections of handicrafts. Especially worth mentioning is the front cover of the Gandersheimer Evangeliar, a manuscript from the 9th century, carved from ivory. The extensive Coburg weapons collection includes courtly Gothic plate, tournament armor and weapons made by mainly known armorers, gunsmiths, and blade makers. The armory contains weapons from the 16th and 17th century, some of which come from the Fortress's arsenal including armor, morions, daggers, flintlocks, and hook guns as well as rare preserved equipment for sieges and defense such as fall grenades, pitch wreaths, and lime pots.

The hunting weapons, from the crossbow to high-power rifles, give an outstanding overview from the Renaissance up to the 20th century. Waidbesteck knives, hunting toiles, and canvas dog armor complete the subject matter of hunting. The carriages and sleds also deserve particular attention. Besides two richly gilded bridal carriages from the 16th century, the world's oldest functioning carriages as far as is known, and other magnificent vehicles, the tournament sleds from the 17th century are indeed a rarity.


Cabinet of Copper Engravings

KupferstichkabinettWith more than 220,000 sheets, the Coburg copper engravings cabinet is among the most important graphical collections in the world. Drawings, graphic sheets and books from almost all eras, countries, schools and techniques are kept in the storerooms.  A selection of these delicate treasures are presented to the interested public in changing exhibitions. Among the old German paintings from the most important schools of Upper Germany, mainly from the Georg Schäfer collection, there are works from Lucas Cranach, Albrecht Dürer, Grünewald and Hans Holbein the Elder. Among the sculptures, a "Mary with Child" in a golden robe from Bamberg from the 14th century and the mystical, painful "Pietà" from Thuringia stand out in particular.

Marquetry Hunting Room

A bite to eat

Burgschänke Coburg

Owner Wilfried Droß
Veste Coburg 1b • 96450 Coburg
Tel. (09561) 2343194 •  Fax 2343232

FestungshofHotel Festungshof

Owner J. Stadlmeyer
Festungshof 1 • 96450 Coburg
Tel.: 09561/ 80290 • Fax: 09561/ 802933
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Restaurant Fliegerklause

Yildirimer Family
Zur Brandensteinsebene • 96450 Coburg
Tel.: 09561/ 75229 • Fax: 09561 / 75229
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Gaststätte Rögener Hütte

Löbelsteiner Str. 81 • 96450 Coburg  - Rögen district
Tel. (09561) 15850


Fortress - Herzogsweg - Ketschendorf

AktivStarting at Marktplatz, you can walk up to the fortress through the Court Garden (Hofgarten) in approx. 25 minutes. The Herzogsweg turns away on the way to Brandensteinsebene (by the forester's house) (Marking: yellow "C" on a white background). Follow this path first of all in an easterly direction along the edge of the Probstgrund and then up again to Brandensteinsebene; After a good 1.5 km and a short decent via a stairway, you will cross the road in Pilgramsroth (Bus stop, bus line 5). It goes to the left at the bus stop. You will reach a valley through a narrow pass where Seidmannsdorf is on the right side. Walk down into the valley and cross the road to Löbelstein after the cemetery. Then you will reach Lützelbuch after approx. 1.5 km. You will pass the multipurpose hall and then turn right in "Gaiser Strasse". From there, you go to Hauptstrasse (town centre, bus stop line 7). Across from the "Nowag" inn, the hiking trail continues up into the meadows. Keep right after the last house. Now, head towards the pined area along a land clearance pathway. After approximately 500m, turn left and go around "Kienberg". The path leads down a valley floor and you cross the road connecting Seidmannsdorf and Rohrbach. Then go left and immediately right and soon you will be standing in front of the "Gruber Berg".   Follow the land clearance pathway uphill until "Buchberg". If you keep right, you will meet the road from Seidmannsdorf to Grub am Forst after a few hundred meters.

Before the road disappears into the forest, you have to go left on a narrow path between a field and the forest in a westward direction. The ascent ends below the "Gruber Steins". A wide field path then takes you into the forest and down to the sports field at Buchberg. There, you leave the Coburg loop trail and go straight ahead until the Ketschendorf district.  You reach Ketschendorf Castle via Buchbergstrasse and Parkstrasse. Today it is the youth hostel of the City of Coburg. Then, follow Ketschendorfer Strasse to the right, past the Coburg Clinic, Rosengarten, and the Congress House. You will then arrive back in Marktplatz, which was right where you started.

Surrounding Area


Sightseeing flights/paragliding - Brandensteinsebene Airport and Steinrücken

The fun of air sports since 1950
Flugplatz Brandensteinsebene Airport, not far from Coburg Fortress, was opened in 1913 initially as a military base. It has been a civilian airport since 1924. It is operated by the Aero Club Coburg, one of the oldest flying clubs in Germany.

Brandensteinsebene is a popular destination, not only for pilots. Anyone wanting to discover the Coburg region from a bird's eye view can take off here for sightseeing flights and paragliding. From the "Fliegerklause" beer garden, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the aircraft, runways and hangars, and experience starts and landings up close.

If you are traveling with your own airplane, then you will find optimum conditions at Brandensteinsebene. With a runway that is longer than 860 meters and an anti-skid surface, night lighting, radio direction finding, airspace F for an RNAV approach (via GPS) and a petrol station for AVGAS and jet fuel, the commercial airport is well equipped for private and commercial flights.

Natural History Museum

Umgebung - Naturkundemuseum

For explorers - big and small, old and young - the Natural History Museum is just the right address. Besides the impressive permanent exhibitions dealing with all aspects of the history of the earth, evolution, fossils, and ethnology, there are also numerous and interesting special exhibitions on a variety of topics. You will become wiser with each visit!
More Infomationen

Art Club

Kunstverein A white pavilion situated at the edge of the Court Garden and the small rose garden holds a very special gem - the Coburg Art Club. Changing exhibitions are shown in the spacious, bright premises. There is contemporary art as well as international and regional artists. In addition, the industrious Art Club's programme includes presentations, concerts and workshops. More  Informationen

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