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EhrenburgEhrenburg Castle (Coburger Landesstiftung)
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96450 Coburg

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Ehrenburg History Up Close

On this tour, you will discover Coburg's historical old town by foot including Marktplatz, the mint master's house, Ehrenburg Castle, Schlossplatz and the Court Garden (Hofgarten), the monuments of Duke Ernst I and Ernst II, the State Theatre (formerly the Court Theatre) and Edinburgh Palace.
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Hofkirche Ehrenburg Castle

Immerse yourself in the world of European nobility: Ehrenburg Castle (built in 1543 as the city residence of the Coburg dukes) is considered to be one of the most pioneering works of Renaissance construction north of the Alps.
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ResidenzstadtThe rise to a royal court

History up close: In this tour, we will tell you everything about the backgrounds of the dukedom and the Coburg dynasty and how the Coburg territories came to the House of Wettin in 1353.  What's the story behind the so-called Saxon "Ortlanden in Franconia" or the "Pflege Coburg".
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Ehrenburg Courtyard

Park Areas


This is a representative square with the Duke Ernst 1 monument surrounded by Ehrenburg Castel, Marstall riding arena (studio stage of the State Theatre), arcades with the ascent into the Court Garden and Edinburgh Palace, as well as the head office of the Coburg Chamber of Commerce. It is an impressive square with its inviting, cosy seating arrangements.

Coburg Court Garden (Hofgarten)

HofgartenThe ascent to the fortress leads you through the Court Garden, starting at Ehrenburg. The spacious landscaped park is directly connected to the Coburg city centre. The court garden was built during the reign of Duke Albrecht of Saxony-Coburg, and dates back to the Baroque era. The Court Garden was created in its current size as of 1861. The duke supervised the garden personally. Rare trees from around the world were planted, fostered and nourished here. At the beginning of the 19th century, the heart of the unique park facility could only be accessed by members of the court. Today all citizens can use the Court Garden. With its ancient trees and expansive meadows, the Court Garden has always been the green heart of Coburg.

Josiasgarten (Josiah's Garden)

Josiasgarten The Josiah Garden at the freshly renovated Theaterplatz in the middle of Coburg is named after Prince Friedrich Josiah from Saxony-Coburg-Saalfeld, whose statue is enthroned at the square (therefore, the locals also call it Josiah's Square).  The brave general protected Coburg against plundering in the Napoleonic Wars.  Gerd Reichenbecher opened the beer garden in 1992 initially on a trial basis. The Coburg citizens were so thrilled right from the start that Josiah's Garden advanced to become the most popular outdoor meeting place in the city.

Museums and Exhibitions

Explore the apartment of Duke Ernst I or the personal bedroom of Queen Victoria with one of the first 'water closets' on the European continent.  Two valuable picture galleries, including works from Lucas Cronach the Elder, highlight the impressive ambience of the living style of this epoch.



The scientific state regional library has around 400,000 volumes from all fields of knowledge from the 15th to 21st century. This valuable cultural heritage can be viewed for scientific purposes after prior registration. The check-out room is open during public hours as are the two large reading rooms in the representative rooms of Ehrenburg Castle, which are under monument protection. A special feature is the temporary exhibitions of old inventory and special items of the Regional Library.
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Hall of Giants

A bite to eat

Gasthaus Goldenes Kreuz

Herrngasse 1• 96450 Coburg
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Restaurant Künstlerklause

Theaterplatz 4a • 96450 Coburg
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Restaurant Loreley

LoreleyHerrngasse 14 • 96450 Coburg
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Gasthof Müchner Hofbräu

Kleine Johannisgasse 8 • 96450 Coburg
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Chilli's Coburg im Ratskeller

im Rathaus/Markt 1 • 96450 Coburg
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Surrounding Area

State Theatre

LandestheaterFormer court theatre (550 seats),
dedicated on September 17, 1840, year-round program with its own company - opera, operetta, musicals, plays, concerts, ballet, late night and breakfast shows, children's and youth theatre.
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Marktplatz - Coburg Tradition and modernity meet in Coburg and the surrounding area. Coburg's Marktplatz (marketplace) in the heart of the old town is vivid evidence of this. The main features of it and the surrounding buildings have remained unchanged for centuries. And yet the traditional meeting place for young and old embodies the modern interpretation of urban development  with its inviting gastronomy, impressive lighting, contemporary sculptures and lively trick fountains.
If you are thinking of shopping, then you will get whatever your heart desires in Coburg. Take some time and enjoy relaxed shopping in the old town. Large department store chains can be found here as well as medieval retailers. Together, they give the city its unmistakable charm. The Coburg weekly market is a special attraction for tourists and locals. Even if you don't want to buy any fruit or vegetables, a stroll through the colorful market is "mandatory".

Coburg Fortress


The Coburg fortress, which is also called the "Franconian Crown" because of its beauty and dominating location, rises high above the city with its mighty walls and towers. Covering approximately 135 x 260 meters, it is one of the largest and best preserved castle complexes in Germany. More Informationen


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